Yoga & meditation

Find inner alignment of mind, body and soul.

Through the practices of yoga and meditation, we are able to ease away stress, tension and dis-ease by tuning in to your body and breath.

Elevate your well-being from the inside, out.


Live Virtual Yoga Classes


A practice using a technique of mindfulness to train attention and awareness, achieving a mentally clear and calm state of mind.

Online Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga

A breath initiated practice, that strings physical postures together in a dynamic way to attain balance in the body and mind.

Yoga for beginners

Ashtanga Yoga

A practice following the same sequence or series of postures in a precise order to purify the body and mind.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga

A restorative practice with longer holds and deeper breaths, tapping into the connective tissue and fascia of the body.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga

A vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa style yoga focusing on strength and challenging movements.

Online Yoga Studio

Hatha Yoga

A set of physical postures and breathing techniques, practiced slowly and statically with awareness and attention.


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Years of Experience

Teaching consistently from 2017.

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Hosted over 12 courses across the country.

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Training Hours

Over 500 Hours of training qualification.

Online Guided Meditation

Benefits of Yoga​

The word ‘yoga’ translates to union- union of mind, body and soul.  It is a path of self-discovery, fine tuned awareness and a way to conquer the limitations of the mind. 

The benefits of yoga include:

  • Strengthening & Toning of the body
  • Flexibility & Range of motion increases
  • Anxiety & Depression decreases
  • Improved sense of health & wellbeing
  • Memory & Attention improve
  • Development of Self-awareness & Self-acceptance
  • Improved sense of balance
  • Improved Sleep
  • Better Digestion
  • Spiritual connection (Inward & Divine)
  • Helps diaphragm control through breathing
  • Uncover peace/bliss within

Come and join me if you’d like to explore the benefits of the practice.


Vinyasa yoga online
Chelsey’s biggest gift is the way she holds her space. Her energy seems to fill every corner of the room she’s teaching in. Her knowledge of the practice is remarkable, and extends further than just the asana. Chelsey is a true gift to the yoga community, a rare find.
Yoga Teacher
Reegan Dos Santos
Just a genuinely good human to be around and within the presence of! For those who can’t even touch their toes to those of you who are trying to get in-touch with their deepest inner soul, Chelsey is both a mentor and a friend that can help you with both of those things!
Private yoga classes
Anto Testa
Chelsey's beginners yoga course, her vinyasa flows and her teachings gave me the space and the encouragement to learn how to embrace my inner stillness and silence, without resistance. Chelsey brought me back to myself, and for that I am sincerely grateful.
Beginners Yoga Course
Fiona Scott Berning
Marketing Co-ordinator